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Photograph of Products based on Greek honey-Produce of Greece by "Honey Aggelikis G.P."
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Our R&D department has secured direct collaborations with academic institutions in Greece and abroad, improving constantly its knowledge and human capabilities. Furthermore, these partnerships are realized in the form of investments in research and development programs. Some indicative titles of the projects listed below:

  • Study of the quality of Greek traditional food and industrialization of production.
  • Design of production line of high performance and best quality bee products, with the complete absence of preservatives..
  • Design and gourmet research (gourmet) products, combining only natural and raw materials.
  • Collaborating with academic institutions, optimizes the performance of apiaries, using modern beekeeping methods and technology (pioneering hive types, special tools, etc.), with ecological and natural preparations for the protection of the bees.

Objectives of the R&D department

The "Research and Development" (R & D) department, with products based on honey and other derivatives of the Greek land, is located in the heart of the strategic planning of "HONEY AGGELIKI G.P." with main aims:

  • The utilization of research findings and new technologies, in order to upgrade the final products and developing new ones.
  • The exploitation of the results by the heads of various departments, to ensure better quality and financial results.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to "become one of the most dynamic and innovative research and development centers (R&D) in the field of apiculture products in our country and in Southern Europe by investing in knowledge and new technologies."

Having already agreements with some of the biggest beekeeping programs for testing "advanced evolution methods" and new varieties, our aim is the dynamic growth of the company in Southeastern Europe and the optimization of the competitiveness of Greek honey and related products.