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OUR STORY | Honey Aggelikis

Honey Aggelikis G.P.

The story so far
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Honey Aggelikis: Pure by nature

The company that was born from the vision and the love of a child for beekeeping.


Aggeliki: The youngest beeker

The child who gave me, Dimos Meimarakis and my business partner, Orestis Tsantilas, triggers to deal professionally with beekeeping.

It all began in 2013 when the 12-year old Angeliki Meimarakis got her own production, thus making the first steps in what was to become her passion. Coming from a beekeepers family, she always had an early contact with the magnificent world of bees.

Even when we were not practicing beekeeping proffessionally, such as her grandfather back in 1927, we used to maintain bee hives to cover our “personal needs" Angeliki then decided that she wanted to acquire the necessary knowledge and therefore deal professionally with beekeeping, "forcing" two families to support and develop this effort.

The company

Two years later “Honey Aggelikis” is established, a company that has three large beehives colonies, an exemplary production and standardization unit and a highly organized network of distribution of its products in Greece and abroad.

The company applies a Quality Management System following the ISO features, while it has its own “Dun & Bradstreet” number (52-350-8228 Honey Aggelikis GP). Our products are certified by official government bodies/organizations, such as the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Our philosophy

Honey is a gift of the bees and the Greek nature and we, in Honey Aggelikis, is something we honor. We follow practices friendly to the bees and the environment. We respect the characteristics of the environment and the flora. We utilize what our tradition and elders have taught us. Our main focus is our products to be recognizable for its excellent quality, high nutritional value and unquestionable and distinctive flavor.

The team

3rd generation beekeepers with experience and belief in the traditional beekeeping, with Apiculture-Sericulture studies. Acclaimed chefs who experiment and create new dishes based on honey. Dynamic professionals able to promote Honey Aggelikis in Greece and abroad. All people with love, desire, passion and dedication to their work.

The facilities

We have invested in the creation of an exemplary apiary and we constantly seek new techniques to ensure the sound production and packaging of our products. We have a vertical production unit, from the beehives themselves up to packing, all the work is being done by our company, thus having a direct quality control of all our products.